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Detailed product description:
Laser wavelength: 808 ± 8nm Relative humidity: ≤ 80% RH
Air dust: ≤0.01g/ m3 Ambient temperature: 10-35°C
Digital aperture: 0.22 fiber optic connector: SMA905
Laser welding machine - board soldering of special components,

Product specifications:
Laser wavelength 808±8nm
Fiber terminal output power 30±6W
Fiber diameter 400um / 600um
Fiber Optic Connector SMA905
Numerical aperture 0.22
Rated power 500VA
Indication laser 635±6nm, 5mw
AC power supply AC 220V±10%50HZ, 15A
Ambient temperature 10-35 ° C
Relative humidity ≤80%RH
Atmospheric pressure ≤86-106Kpa
Environmental cleanliness air dust ≤0.01g/ m3

Laser Welding Machine - Special board circuit board soldering features:

1. The professionally designed welding system is compatible with the use of visual positioning CCD. It also integrates solder paste and laser functions for laser and solder paste integration.

2. Visual positioning CCD professional algorithm, complete and accurate positioning.

3. The device adopts touch screen control, the waveform is adjustable, and it is suitable for precision welding.

4. The laser power supply adopts current feedback control to stabilize the output laser energy.

The laser is imported from the United States and the quality is guaranteed.

6. The fiber output is a single mode fiber with good beam quality.

7. The device uses a 20x CCD display to clearly monitor the welding process.

Our company produces a fully automatic welding machine. Loading and unloading are automated and unmanned.

PCB Laser Welding Machine - Circuit board soldering application for special components:

High-density interconnect chips, ICs, chip components, connectors, headphone plugs, cell phone speakers, energy-saving lamps, FPC flexible circuit boards, cell phone cameras, special components for board soldering.

0.22 digital aperture laser welding machine special components

about us:

Our extensive experience in system introduction has allowed us to build application knowledge in laser welding. We guarantee that our customers can use these systems with confidence.

However, laser welding is definitely not just a replacement for contact welding. It’s important to distinguish the advantages of each and match them to the application.

YUSHLI is a leader in PCB separators, hot rod welders and other SMT equipment, providing high-end PCB manufacturing machines for industrial plants.

YUSHLI was established in September 2004. It is a professional equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales and service.

Adhere to the "customer-centric", through technical innovation and management optimization, to meet the needs of customers in the electronics industry

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