Pcba Automatic Online Labeling Machine

Pcba Automatic Online Labeling Machine

Pcba Automatic Online Labeling Machine

YSL -TB series online mounting machine is to automatically absorb the material output by vacuum suction nozzle installed on the manipulator Through the up and down visual alignment system, the materials are attached to the product at high speed and precision.It can be used to label PET film.wheat cull tape foam. shield cover and other materials that can be absorbed

SMT can be produced online to reduce human input, and can also be equipped with up and down board machines to realize offline production.


Product feature

Strong versatility, one machine and multi-purpose

It can be attached with labels pet, shielding cover and other materials one machine is multi-purpose, and has strong universality.

It can be attached with PCB FPC, label outside the product and many other application scenarios


A variety of feeders are available

The intelligent feeder can automatically peel off roll label,pet,foam, blue film and other materials,supporting single row and multi column typesetting.

Plug gable feeder, can be prepared outside the lire, fast line

Two printers,or one printer and one intelligent feeder can be placed to realize the application of label printing and pasting.


No need to modify the process, fast import

For the application of labeling, there is no need to modify the current product process, rapid equipment import saving manpower, The suction nozzle can be removed quickly.


Industry 4.0, MES system interaction

Printing and pasting can realize the real-time downloading of printed label information from MES system.

Paste and read, the system automatically reads the bar code function, and uploads MES system, information tracing and anti daze

Real time upload device operation data, remote management

Application cases