Online Laser Marking Machine

Online Laser Marking Machine


YSL-LD series on-line laser marking machine can be equipped with purple light green light CO2, optical fiber and other lasers, Through the multi-functional modules such as visual system, motion control system, information management system, it can realize the current PCB,FPC, metal,ceramics, plastics, rubber and other product surfaces, and print the required identification information to realize the purpose of industrial traceability identification

SMT can be produced online to reduce human input and can also be equipped with up and down board machines to realize offline production


Product features

It can be re printed after wiping

With spray printing information, solvent erasure and re spray printing.

After baking at high temperature, the spray printing information is solidified and cannot be erased.


Industry 4.0, MES system interaction

Pint information and download from MES system in real time.

After spraying, the information will be read automatically and uploaded to MES system, and the information can be traced back to prevent stupidity. Real time upload device operation data, remote management.


High precision and high efficiency

It can realize the marking of 0.04mm line width.

Ultra small two-dimensional code identification processing High speed, it takes only 0.3 seconds to print a code.



Easy to use ink jet control system

A simple and easy to use information generation system for jet printing

Teaching visual programming, easy to use

Spray printing information detection, to ensure no outflow of defective products

The jetting dock can be cleaned automatically without clogging the nozzle, and can operate continuously and stably


Ultra low cost

The marking efficiency is fast and can be completed at one time with low energy consumption,It can be finished immediately without additional process and manpower saving.Wide applicability, can print a variety of metal and nonmetal materials,reduce the investment of repeated equipment.


High reliability and stability

The equipment frame is welded as a whole and the gantry is processed to ensure high rigidity and stability Qualitative, long life.

The components are of first-line brands.


Application cases


Product selection:

Equipment model



Laser type

-v:Purple light(355nm)

-v:Purple light(355nm)



Laser power





Scanning mode

Galvanometer scanning

Laser spot diameter





Equipment size (L*w*H)



printing area(L*W)



PCB size(L*W)



Direction of plate entry

L→RR-L, L-L,R→R are optional

Duplex function


Repeat positioning accuracy


MES Online

Select MES online function(download the printing information MES,read and upload it to MES after printing)

Types of printable characters

English uppercase,English lowercase,numbers,Chinese characters,symbols, user-defined text and pictures

One dimensional ink jet code


Jet printing two dimensional code

Data MatrixORPDF417,mini QRIQR

Ink jet minimum two dimensional code


Compatible products

Thickness:0.2-8mm; tolerance of war page: ± 1mm;edge:≥4mmWeight≤3Kg

Super upper and lower space


Width adjustment of track slab

Automatic adjustment

Anti duplication function

365 day automatic repeat code detection

Visual teaching programming

Through the visual guidance,teaching set the location of printing information

Bar code checking function

After printing, the position of bar code is checked by CCD and the bar code is read

Mark visual correction function

The mark of product is identified by CCD ,and the printing position is compensated to ensure the accuracy of the printing position

Special mark point vision function

Support abnormal mark recognition,white background recognition, automatic compensation function.

Log query function

The system has its own database and supports printing log query.

Printing information generation function

The system has the function of printing information generation ,and supports non- standard

format of datestream code and shit.

 SMEMA online function

It Support SMEMA communication interface, realize online application,and can work offline with upper and lower board computers.

Equipment weight


Power supply specification

220V 50/60HZ 2KVA

Pressure source demand