Characteristics of FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems)

Characteristics of FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems)

Key advantages 

It can achieve rapid switching of multiple processes and function heads depending on the modular equipment platform

High stability and the 6th order natural frequency of the rack ensure good stability

MES and data acquisition ports are reserved for Interconnection of Everything and i4.0 data connection to achieve intelligent manufacturing and intelligent decision-making

Long-term target:

It aims to provide overall FMS solutions to EMS and automotive electronics customers

System architecture

The modular design is used, with flexible architecture and focus separation to facilitate free combination between modules. The maximized design for reuse meets more personalized requirements with the least modules and components.

MES function 

It has integrated and encapsulated common MES communication modes: database, file, TCP transmission, KepServer, WebService, WebApi, etc.

Network functions

It is connected to the intelligent gateway through Ethernet, and the intelligent gateway is parsed and transmitted to the server. Through the GKG data platform system deployed in the server, the equipment is monitored in a real time to achieve: fault reporting, remote diagnosis, remote data query and export, remote control and upgrading.