Semi-Automatic Printing Machine

High precision semi-automatic printing machine YSL-1200

High precision semi-automatic printing machine  YSL-1200

High precision semi-automatic printing machine  YSL-1200 Microcomputer control, touch screen display, menu operation interface; Scrapper floating.(Similar to MPM automatic printing press, the scraper can float up and down and automatically adjust the level of steel mesh); The scraper pressure is adjustable (the pressure of the scraper on the steel mesh can be adjusted according to the length of different types of scraper); Equipped with a frequency converter speed regulation system, the scraper running speed is stable; The work operation adopts the two-hand button switch operation, which is safe and reliable; The touch screen menu can independently set the overall pause time of the steel net; The positioning fixed mode of PCB plate has reference hole positioning, reference side positioning and reference hole reference side positioning, template positioning and other different precise positioning forms; The touch screen is equipped with time display function, printing times automatic counting function, screen protection function; Equipped with the scraper speed adjustable function and the emergency stop safety function; Printing mode: single, double and second start (menu setting is optional); Printing working status: automatic / semi-automatic / click three printing status (menu setting is optional); LED Line Total Solution Semi auto printer Conveyor Pick and place machine Conveyor Lead free reflow oven Printing machine technical configuration Equipment name High precision semi-automatic printing machine Model: YSL-1200     project serial number name Tender detailed technical parameters(Functional features) explain Basic parameters   1 moving direction Side-to-side mobility     2 Working table   1200mm×500mm     3 power source Single-phase (220V) 4 Boundary dimension Boundary dimension 5 Air source 0.5mpa-0.8mpa 6 Initial power 0.2KW 7 Weight 350KG 8 date of delivery 10-12 working days 9 Transportation and lifting Specialized transport unit travel mechanism 1 head feed motor Three-phase motor 60W 2 movement speed 0-2200mm/mins 3 guide rail Taiwan silver linear guide control segment   1 · PLC   Siemens (for printing presses)     2 · touch screen 4.3# Display control screen     3 master cylinder piston   SC80*150       4 Tool head cylinder CDU25-50       5 transducer ENC