Automatic DIP Insertion Line for PCBA  Assembly Line

Automatic DIP Insertion Line for PCBA Assembly Line

Automatic DIP Insertion Line for PCBA  Assembly Line

Introduce of DIP Insertion Line

1. Size :(L)3000*(W)600*(H) 1950±20mm.
2. Drive System :Taiwan motor(2HP)and 80# Retarder, inverter made by adlaspower,speed range 0-5m/min(only for automatic line). 
3. Main body: 40×40mm aluminium product;rail by 40×60mm aluminium;lantern support by 40×40mm aluminium,Frame made by 40x 40 aluminium product. 
4. Lighting System: 40w lighting,lamp by FSL, Wire is 1.5², Subsection control. 
5. Power: The lower line socket, both sides separate control, wire using 4 square wire, each with 2 meters, about 1 each, trough made of galvanized plate production, the size is 60 * 80 * 1 mm. 
6. Accessory: operation card made by 25×14“H” aluminium product,with A4 transparent hard plastic.

Motor: 2HP,made by AIDELI (for auto line)
Inverter: 2HP,made by AIDELI
Main body: 40×40mm, aluminium
Operation Card: 25×14“H” aluminium
Lighting:                     40w FSL lamp
Rail:                              40×60mm,aluminium

Dimension(mm):         3000*600*1950mm/set
PCB Width:                    50 – 350mm(adjustable)
PCB Thickness:           0.6 – 6.0mm
Transport Height:         750±20mm
Control Mode:               Manual or Motor Power Max 50 VA
Air Supply: 4-6bar PCB Direction L to R or R to L
Power Supply: 1 PH AC 220V 50/60Hz (Option:110V to 380V)
Weight: 260Kg/ set

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