Dry Cabinet

Dry Cabinet

Low Humidity Dry Cabinet-YSL320C


Its typical applications include the prevention and protection against all types of oxidation (rust), the prevention of the growth of fungus on optics, the dry preservation of lab materials and samples as well as the protection of MSDs (moisture sensitive devices) as per IPC/JEDEC YSL320C within the electronics industry.
Suitable for storing: photographic & optic lens, cameras or digital photography, audiovisual, precise instruments, food, paper materials, films, chemical and medical materials, ect.

Double door-Reliable Wide Type.
Easy accommodation of lengthy goods

RH Range:10-20% For Business & Industrial use

Model :YSL320C



Sheet:3pcs, Each with 100kg loading

Power:85V-265V, 50HZ/60HZ

Weight: 60kg Capacity:435L

LED Display:yes(Honeywell)

All models can be chosen stainless material.
With casters on the base

Double door-Reliable Wide Type

Easy accommodation of lengthy goods


1. Humidity adjustable, energy saving design digital LED-Honeywell display and control, all the setting can be justified at the touch of the UP and DOWN bottom.

2.1.0mm thickness steel body, rust proof paint, 3.2mm toughened glass.

3. Moisture absorbs continuously with sustention for 24 hours

4. Equipment with high performance, reliable desiccators and humidity controller located at the lower deep inside.

5. Zinc alloy lock with plus pressure capability. Anti-ESD powder coating, dark green look.Surface powder coating with RoHS certification.On the base truckle with brake .

6. Slip layer board make the inter space adjustable.

7. Energy saving design: low electricity consumption resurgence, no heating, no condensation Dripping, absence of fan noise.

Competitive Advantage:
Energy saving design: low electricity consumption resurgence, no heating, no condensation Dripping, absence of fan noise
Dual digital hygrometer-Ecology Design
Noisy free, vibration free, low humidity keeping at ambient temperature and long-term consecutive driving.
Energy saving design: maintenance cost is only a very little electricity. It comes with humidity controller.
Non expendable supplies (Exchange free desiccant), very economical.
No use of batteries for hygrometer.
Long lasting and highly reliable.
With detachable shelves, wide space is available to use.
With high technology( photocatalyst, IC timer, shape-memory alloy and dual digital hygrometer)