Grinding and dust removal workbench

Grinding and dust removal workbench

Scope of application:

It is suitable for places with large and concentrated dust such as hardware grinding, Dali grinding, wood polishing, and auto parts grinding and polishing.



Grinding and dust removal workbench 0
Main feature:
1. The brushless fan is adopted, with large air volume and low noise.
2. Pulse automatic blowing system can effectively clean the high-efficiency filter
3.16 square meters/32 square meters of filter area, filters with different performances can be selected according to the needs of the working conditions.
4. Dust shields and fire nets can effectively block grinding sparks and dust.
5. The honeycomb dust removal table can effectively clean the light floating and sinking caused by grinding.
6. Adjustable foot pads can adjust the height of the work surface according to the site conditions.
7. The switchable movable baffles on both sides have strong flexibility and can effectively prevent the overflow of fine dust.
8. The installation method of the rotary card filter is simple and convenient without tools for disassembly.
9.2.0 A series of treatments such as thickening sheet metal, drenching, high temperature baking paint, etc., the product will not peel off paint or rust.


Grinding and dust removal workbench 1


Cartridge filter   /   Schneider Electric


Grinding and dust removal workbench 2


Fire net/dust shield       Both sides can open and close the shutter


Technical Data Unit YSL-1200D YSL-1600D YSL-2000D
Power Kw 2.2 3 4
Voltage V-Hz 380-50/60 380-50/60 380-50/60
Container capacity L 60 60 60
Filter area 16 32 32
Filtering accuracy μm 0.3 0.3 0.3
Qty of filters PC 2 4 4
Airflow m³/h 2000-3000 3000-4500 4000-5000
Vacuum Kpa 1.6-1.0 2.0-1.2 2.2-1.6
Noise level dB 74 75 76
Cable length m 8 8 8
Product size mm 1200*1300*1700 1600*1350*1700 2000*1350*1700
Filter cleaning method - Pulse cleaning Pulse cleaning Pulse cleaning
Explosion proof or not - No No