Cartridge type explosion-proof dust removal equipment

Cartridge type explosion-proof dust removal equipment

Scope of use:

It is specially used for the collection and treatment of flammable and explosive dust (such as flour, short fibers, aluminum powder, aluminum alloy, etc.); it is suitable for large-scale grinding, polishing, cutting, powder metallurgy, food processing, food production, polymer plastics Industrial, synthetic dyes and coatings, pesticide and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and plant fiber textile technology, such as multi-station operations and places where there is a danger of dust explosions.


Cartridge type explosion-proof dust removal equipment 0


1. Industrial explosion-proof fans have the advantages of large air volume, low noise, and stable performance; the cabinet type adopts modular design, and the power, air volume, suction, suction port, and pipe diameter can be customized according to customer needs; explosion-proof electric box, Static conductive material high-efficiency filter, flameless discharge;
2. Design the diameter and number of suction ports according to the customer's on-site working conditions, and calculate the fan power suitable for the working conditions;
3. Built-in pulse dusting system, low noise, pulse cleaning can effectively self-clean the filter to ensure the normal operation of the machine, and the pulse cleaning time interval can be set according to different working conditions;
4. 15 4.8M² filter area high-precision electrostatic conductive material cartridge filters, the total filtering area can reach 72m², and the filtering precision can reach 0.3 microns;
5. The built-in air duct can effectively reduce the burden on the filter.
6. The oil-water separator can effectively filter the impurities in the compressed air and ensure the normal operation of the pulse system.
7. The latest design of 2 separate large-capacity dust collection drawers makes it more convenient to dump garbage and can meet the needs of long-term work;



Technical Specifications Unit YSL-550E YSL-750E
power KW 5.5 7.5
Voltage V 380V/50HZ/60HZ
capacity L 50 50
Suction diameter MM 150/500 150/500
Filtration accuracy μm 0.1~0.3 0.1~0.3
number of filters EA 15 15
Filter size (diameter*height) mm 200*800 200*800
total filter area 72 72
air flow volume M³/H 5000~7000 6500~9000
noise DB 72 74
Full pressure Kpa -2.4~-1.8 -2.7~-2.0
Power cord length M 8 8
weight KG -- --
Air pressure Mpa 0.5mpa≤work value≤0.4mpa
Size (L*W*H) MM 1220*1050*2550mm
cleaning method Pulse cleaning