Three-phase electric industrial vacuum cleaner

Three-phase electric industrial vacuum cleaner

Applicable working conditions

The central vacuum cleaner YSL is suitable for various processing places such as machinery manufacturing, metal processing, electronics, ceramics, chemicals, food, medicine, etc., and can be used with production lines or production equipment. Suitable for small central dust collection.


YUSH YSL-185 is a three-phase electric, small central vacuum system with 18.5KW suction; 3-4 suction ports can be used at the same time, with constant pressure function, which can automatically control the air volume and suction of the machine's suction ports; filter system It consists of 6 filters with a total filter area of 28.8m². It has the function of pulse cleaning, and the interval time of pulse cleaning can be set; according to the needs of different working conditions, the "local/remote" switch can be selected; the external dust collector can be pulled out Trash can be dumped in the bucket.


Three-phase electric industrial vacuum cleaner 0


1. The central vacuum cleaner has a constant pressure function, which can automatically control the air volume and suction force of the machine's suction port.
The filtration accuracy of 2.0.3μm, the total filtration area is 28.8cm², and it is composed of 6 filters of 4.8 square meters, and the filter has an obvious effect of cleaning dust;
3. The "local/remote" switch can be selected according to the working conditions;
4. Central vacuum cleaner 50L external large-capacity dust collector is more convenient to clean up garbage;
5. 3-4 vacuum ports can work at the same time;
6. Built-in automatic pulse cleaning system, the pulse cleaning time interval can be set according to different working conditions, which can automatically clean the dust attached to the high-efficiency filter and prolong the service life of the filter;
7. The oil-water separator of the central vacuum cleaner can effectively filter the impurities in the compressed air and ensure the normal operation of the pulse system.
8. Thickened sheet metal is used, and has undergone a series of treatments such as laser cutting, bending, welding, grinding and polishing, spraying, high temperature baking paint, etc. The product does not peel off paint or rust; the work surface is smooth, easy to clean, and resistant to impact.



Technical Specifications Unit Technical Parameters
power supply vac 380VAC/50HZ
rated power kw 18.5KW
Air flow m³/h 1110
degree of vacuum mbar -340
main filter area m2 28.8
Filtration accuracy um 0.3
noise db 75
Equipment suction diameter mm 100
barrel capacity l 50
wire length m 8
weight kg 285
size cm 78*130*202