Automatic Screw Machine

Automatic Screw Machine

This product uses XYZ platform (single fasten head, double slide fastening
mechanism). It is made of Japanese imported parts and combined with domestic
high-quality accessories. It has low-cost, high-efficiency and stable superior

performance, simple operation and strong practicability.

This automatic screw machine is a double station screw machine. Replacing the
product only needs to adjust the XYZ coordinates. The operation is simple and
easy to understand. The manual is only for picking and placing the product. The
machine controls the automatic fastening screw through the induction control and
can judge whether the screw is fastened. The product with poor fastening will
alarm and prompt to distinguish the defective products.

To adjust the position of the product, just use the operating handle to align the
XYZ coordinates with the screw holes, confirm the save, reset, and return XYZ to
the origin. Put the product in the universal fixture, automatically sense (manual,
automatic two operating modes to choose from) the product to fasten, pay after
removing the product, and then put the second product. The two stations
complement each other, operate independently, and cycle.

It can be used for screws with a screw diameter of 1.0-3.0. To
use other types of screws, just change the vibration pocket,
batch the nozzle, and adjust the force.

The employee is mainly responsible for product pick-and-place,
the machine automatically takes the screw to fasten, and one
High-speed imported stepper motor, screw, linear guide
◆ 不良品 Defective product:
自动报警 Automatic alarm
◆ 重复精度 Repeatability:
◆ 适合螺丝直经 Suitable for screw straight:
◆ 安全 Safety:
急停开关 Emergency stop switch
◆ 空气压力 Air Pressure
0.4-0.5Mpa 50L/min
◆ 电源 Power
 220AC 50HZ
◆ 整体尺寸 Dimensions:
Ⅶ.主要配置说明 Main configuration instructions:
主要配件表 Main accessories table