Rotary Table Design Pulse Bonding Hot Bar Soldering  Machine For Flexible Circuits, Ribbon Cables

Rotary Table Design Pulse Bonding Hot Bar Soldering Machine For Flexible Circuits, Ribbon Cables

 Rotary Table Design Pulse Bonding Hot Bar Soldering  Machine For Flexible Circuits, Ribbon Cables  

The YSPC-1A Hot Bar Soldering Machine is an excellent tool and extremely effective in bonding components and parts that are different and not easy to stick together. classic hot bar, pulse bonding, resistance soldering equipment applications include flexible circuits, ribbon cables, wires, flex to PCB, flex to LCD, and thermo compression bonding of gold ribbon as found in the telecommunications, computer, automotive, display industries and other.

  • Molybdenum alloy head to ensure temperature stability, fast heating speed and long service life.
  • The level of soldering head is adjustable , to ensure uniformpart assembly processing
  • Digital display to control temperature,easyand clear
  • With digital pressure meter, can be preset pressure range
  • Special welding materials
  • It is equipped with precise PID control, phase Angle instead of pulse drive.
  • Little vibration, low noise, no voltage fluctuation
  • Molybdenum alloy soldering head instead of traditional titanium alloy, warmmingfaster, good coefficient of heat transfer, wear-resisting

       Machine Details

      1 . Extremely short cycle time with rotary table design

      2 . Product loading and unloading can be done during the heat sealing process
      3 . High quality heat seal application up to 0.25mm pitch
      4 . Pneumatic bonding head provide up to 3,900N force
      5 . Digital programmable pressure control with LCD display
      6 . Closed loop PID temperature control with visible LED display
      7 . Bonding cycle is triggered by a real time pressure sensor
      8 . Floating Thermode ensure consistent pressure and heat transfer along the flexfoil to LCD and/or PCB
      9. Precision product fixtures (2X), easy exchange, provided with micrometer alignment and vacuum to fix components
     10. Optional CCD alignment module with frame , camera , lens , monitor and illumination for fine pitch application

     11. Full microprocessor logic control