PCB Scored Circuit Boards And LED Tube Light And Use Aluminium Pcb Cut Machine

YSVC-2PCB depaneling machine for PCB scored circuit boards and LED tube light and use aluminium pcb cut machine


1. The internal stress which is produced during cutting drop to below180uE, In order to avoid split, and prevent precision parts damaged.

2. Can cut the board which the width between the V groove edge and parts is 0.3mm, height is 60mm.

3. The cutting tool can be repeated grinding freely after wearing.

4. Double straight knife cutting, quite suitable for separating precise SMD sheet and aluminum board.

5. Guillotine type, and suitable for various thickness PCB, plate cutting stroke below 2mm, no operation safety concerns.

Maximum length of the board: 300mm / 400mm
Size: 720mm(L)*300mm(W)*440(H)
Thickness: 0.50~3.5mm
Power supply:  220VAC / 110V
Working air pressure:  0.4——0.6Mpa
Weight: 189 kg
Scope of application: All V-CUT SMD PCB board are applicable to this machine

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