Multiple Groups Blades PCB Cutting Machine / PCB Depaneling Machine / Adjustable the edge of blades pitch

Multiple Groups Of Blades PCB Depaneling Machine (Model:YSVJ-650)

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● The conveying speed can be adjusted.

● The single separated PCB width is 8-20 mm. Max cutting width 300mm;

● Machine with automatic feeding system;

● Machine is equipped with safety protection device.
● Suitable cutting material of PCB :aluminum ,FR4,glass fiber.
● Equipped with SMEMA connector ,easy to connect with upstream machine
● The machine adopts the touch screen and PLC which can monitor production information.

● MDS-900 is equipped with multiple sets of blades which can separate the whole light

bar board one time.

● The distance between upper and lower cutter can be precisely adjusted, the separating

thickness of PCB range is : 0.8MM-3.0MM.

Specification parameters:

YSVJ-650- Specifications
Model YSVJ-650
Total Dimension L2160mm*W850mm* H1050mm
Inlet conveying length 850mm
Vacuum Cleaner Machine with vacuum cleaner
Outlet conveying length 850mm
Separating blades number 20 groups of upper and lower blades , total:40pcs
Maximum Cutting Length: Unlimited
PCB Thickness 0.6-5.0mm
Separating PCB bar number at one time 11 LINES
Separting width of single PCB 8-20MM
Max PCB width 240mm or 300 mm
Max component height 30 mm
Blade material SKD61
Blade average lifespan 1,000,000 times (1.2m long , 3mm thick PCB)
Voltage 220V/50Hz or 110V
Machine weight 210KG
The spacing between the blades Spacer






























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