Automated In-line PCB Routers YSATM-4C

Automated In-line PCB Routers YSATM-4C

1.Basic specifications:
01.   X, Y cutting speed: 0 ~100mm/s
02.   Machine Repeat Accuracy: ± 0.01mm
03.   X, Y1,Y2 ,Z Control Methods: Industrial IPC and PC
04.   X, Y1,Y2 ,Z Drive Mode: AC Fiber Optic Servo Motor
05.   Machine Operation and Data Storage: PC System
06.   Cutting accuracy: ± 0.05mm
07.   Spindle speed: Max 100000pm
08.   Host voltage: 220V 1ψ 50 / 60HZ
09.   Air pressure supply: above 4.5kg/cm2
10.   Power Consumption: 3KVA
11.   Dust Collection: Upper Dust Collection 2HP
12.   Dust collector voltage: 380V 3ψ
13.   Upper dust collector size: :L650*W400*H1350mm

2. Model difference:





Work Size

Machine Dimension W.D.H

Net Weight

Double Tables


Standard Type




Double Tables






• In-Line Automatic PCB Separator can loading, Cutting , unloading automatically, meet the needs of automatic factory.
• It can adjust width and receive PC board automatically. Meanwhile, it can identify the finished PCB board and waste automatically after cutting, save labor costs.
• Equip high-speed CCD with automatic vision alignment system at set, great improve the precision of cutting and operation efficiency.
• Use high-speed main shaft to cut PCB, less cutting stress, high precision, and apply to any form of PCB.
• Dual tables motion could carry out PCB cutting and placing at the same time, improve operation efficiency.

1. Using double slide into place device, reduce the cutting waiting times, increase production capacity.
2. Avoid artificial flap caused by the cracking of tin and part damage and other issues.
3. Avoid using blunt or fold, produced by mechanical stress.
4. Suitable for the finished plate arc and line cutting.
5. Suitable for small pieces of the final cutting, base plate of a mobile phone, PDA, PC interface card and so on.

System Setting:
• Provides the fine tuning revise by diagrammatic machine.
• Set the related parameters of cutting.

Maintenance Program:
•Provides the fine tuning revise y diagrammatic machine.
•Windows Operational Environment: Easy to learn and operate.
•In-line Automatic PCB Separator can loading, cutting, identification, unloading automatically, consistent with operation save labor costs.
•Equip high speed CCD with automatic vision offset at set, especially for high precision and production of PCB cutting process.
•Apply to small connected PCB, such as cell-phone, digital camera, GPS and MODULE, cutting processing.
•Extended size applies to those large PCB of digital TV, PCB mainframe

workstation, and servo cutting process:
Standard jig or special purpose jig, to aid in PCB cutting to increase production, is optaional.
Placing working pieces on the dual table to less the waiting time and increase the production.
You can use variety programs for receiving PC board to achieve fully automation, saving labor costs.

Loading and Transfer Mechanism:

•Use belt conveyor for loading, track width can be adjusted automatically.
•PC board will be clamping and positioning automatically after loading.
•Vacuum suction cup of the transfer mechanism will pick up the PC board onto the cutting jig automatically.

Unloading and Transfer Mechanism:
Vacuum suction cup will pick up the finished PC Board and waste from the cutting jig automatically. Then, put them into unloading conveyor and wastes bucket.
Unloading conveyor can be retracted to the machine's inner, shorten the unloading and transfer mechanism in order to improve the stroke's efficiency.
Waste bucket on the side of machine and beneath the unloading conveyor, easy to operate an can save space.


Working size

Working Area

300 X300 mm

PCB Thickness








Hardware brand

Waste collection methods

Dust collection box

Dust collection method

Upper Vacuum

Dust collection box parameters

Upper vacuum turbocharged

Sensor Switch Brand

Omron Japan

Servo motor brand

Panasonic Japan

Broken knife sensor brand

Takenaka, Japan

Height measurement sensor brand

Omron Japan

Guide rail brand

Taiwan PMI

Screw brand

Taiwan TBI grinding grade

CCD camera brand

Germany BASLER

Spindle Brand

SYCOTEC (100,000rpm/min) Germany

Computer host brand

ASUS brand host

Machine weight




Power supply

AC220/380V50/60HZ three-phase

Compressed air

0.4-0.6 MPA (with filter)







Operation control

Operating System

Chinese/English Optional

Software control method

PC Control

Programming methods

Computer programming, AOI scanning and editing programs faster and more accurate.

Warning light

Three-color sound and light alarm (normal work, waiting for test, fault alarm)

With fault alarm: air pressure instability, blocking, collision



Safe production

Produce order mode production, four-level password protection (automatic, manual, sensor protection, etc.)
















Technical Parameters

Statistics function

Both left and right board with statistics function

Information management function

Support MES information system to seamlessly connect equipment and information management, Open Ethernet Interface, and supports TCP/IP network communication protocol, and necessary related software and programs; Open the BAR CODE function port.

X.Y, Z, axis drive

Servo motor + screw, guide rail

Worktable input and output methods

Servo motor + screw, guide rail

Feed plate and splint method

Feed width automatic adjustment, servo automatic splint

Measuring height

Input the boars is laser measurement height, can test three point with different angles, to prevent flow error and boards stacking. Easy adjustment without maintenance.

Pick and discharge robots

With automatic rotation function, more convenient and accurate.

Nozzle signal method

Adopt 6-point independent control signal mode to prevent drop board and detailed alarm.

Architectural advantages

Adopting self-consistent and self-contained methods, the follow-up maintenance is more convenient and economical.

LED aperture requirements

LED aperture brightness can be adjusted in software


Software controlled camera moves up and down

PCB positioning and adjustment methods

Special fixture.

Milling cutter diameter range


Milling cutter management

The software can automatically adjust the height according to the thickness of the PCB board and the toughness length of the cutter to extend the service life of the cutter and standard tool detection.


Tool Management

Equipped with broken knife detection function.

Equipped with retracting detection function

Equipped with automatic tool change function, adopts visual tool change system to prevent reversal.

MES docking

Open MES docking port function


Open BAR CODE Scan Port Function

Cutting speed

0-100mm/S adjustable per second

Working table

two worktables

Cutting function

Can cut straight, curved, L-shaped, U-shaped

Trouble shooting

Software can detect failure points, have I/O port detection capabilities, and have detailed alerts



Machine warranty 15 months. Our after-sales points are Suzhou, Dongguan, the United States, Brazil, Britain, France, and Turkey. Welcome to be our foreign agent.

A. Two-dimensional code automatically retrieves the program.

1. Through the rule of a two-dimensional code can be directly transferred to the program, convenient, simple, no error;
2. Product switching intelligent.

B. CCD scanning function.
1. Industry-leading PCBA full-board scanning function;
2. Reduce the programming time, cutting the path of real-time display, easy to modify simple.

C. Industrial 4.0-MES system
1. The server data is automatically retrieved;
2. upload machine data and production data;
3. Real-time detection of equipment status