FPC / LED / PCB Servo Hydraulic Punching Machine

FPC / LED / PCB Servo Hydraulic Punching Machine

FPC / LED / PCB Servo Hydraulic Punching Machine




1,PCBA Punch Machine is punch mold machine .
2,Equipment, compact structure, solid body, cylinder bore 125,160,200 AirTAC.
3,Equipment running smoothly, low vibration, low noise.
4,English touch screen display, clear panel, alarm function showed abnormal warning glance.
5,Machine generality. Can replace a variety of mold and die change quick and easy.


1. Fast booster cylinder design, fast speed

2. Compact structure design, super steel, easy to operate and safe to use

3. Replace different molds according to different products, and it is convenient and easy to change molds.

4. The lower die automatically enters and exits, the product is convenient to pick and place, and the finished product can fall into the drawer.

5. Minimize internal stress generated during cutting and avoid component cracking

6. Punching semi-finished PCB, FPC, aluminum substrate is extremely efficient

7.PLC control, man-machine exchange interface, Chinese and English display and alarm function such as counting, air pressure detection

8. Control system:

(1) Using PLC programmable controller + touch screen to control the whole operation process, both automatic operation and manual operation

(2) Anomalous situation to achieve emergency stop, and set sound and light alarm

(3) Emergency emergency stop button and alarm device are installed at both ends of the device

(4) Control panel plus lock to prevent unauthorized personnel from modifying and setting parameters

(5) Equipped with independent power distribution cabinets, the functions of the circuit are divided into blocks, strong and weak. For maintenance

(6) System setting overload protection system

9. Touch screen:

(1) Ability to set operation authority, control jog, manual, semi-automatic, I/O monitoring, yield saving, statistics and error information storage

(2) In the parameter setting (engineering level needs permission), you can select and set each station of the program.