Inline Automatic PCB Vacuum and Magazine Loader Machine SMT Loader SMT Equipment For SMT Production Line

Inline Automatic PCB Vacuum and Magazine Loader Machine SMT Loader SMT Equipment For SMT Production Line

Inline Automatic PCB Vacuum and Magazine Loader Machine SMT Loader SMT Equipment For SMT Production Line


  • Special aluminum alloy institutions, more clearly understand the state of MAGAZINE operation.
  • The stable integral casting lifting platform structure design has improved the stability of the equipment.
  • Multifunctional electrical circuit and program design, stable performance, ensure smooth of the feeding plate PCB.
  • The upper part of the bin has 4 kinds of PITCH selection, which can set the step distance of the feeding plate PCB.
  • The LED tricolor working indicator is controlled by 7 inch color human-machine interface.
  • A universal positioning mechanism is adopted for the suction nozzle positioning, and the absorption bits can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the PCB board.
  • The board part of the board on the suction plate has the function of lifting and lifting.
  • The material box is transmitted by the plastic strip of the flat plate Adjustable push plate speed control.
  • Three point positioning,upper and lower pneumatic clamping, ensure the location of the box is accurate.
  • The push plate protection system ensures that the PCBboard will not be damaged and the process loss will be reduced.
  • The standard SMEMA communication interface can be connected weith other automation devices.

Tochnical Parameters
This unit is used for automatic loading operation of double-sided boards and transceiver board
No.of magazine
Upper Conveyor:1 magazine below conveyor:2magazine

Indexing pitch or specify

Maximum PCBs


400pcs(0.6mm thick PCB)
Cycle time
Approx. 12seconds or specify
Max 300VA
Air pressure

4-6bar,30ltr/min max
Transport height

900±20mm(Or customized)
Transport direction
From left to right or right to left

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