SMT Sheet Metal Stencil Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

SMT Sheet Metal Stencil Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1.Unique waste collection structure
Based on the new structure design, YS-SL6060 uses innovative waste and smoke collection system, which completely frees customers from "equipment stabilization killers" such as chips, slag, iron dust and so on. It greatly improves the service life and stability of the equipment.

2.High Power Fiber Laser
YS-SL6060 is a semiconductor-pumped solid-state high-power fiber laser with advanced technology. Increasing the cutting efficiency also greatly increases the types of Machinable products. It is easy to deal with both ordinary metal sheets and precise parts with a certain thickness.

3.Provide users with specialized process solutions
Professional fixture design, can adapt to a variety of sizes, shapes of materials, so that every minute of production belongs to laser cutting. This is not only a device, but also a set of equipment process system that can optimize the user's process and give full play to the maximum value of the equipment.

Technicals Parameters
Model YS-G680
Cutting speed Ordinary:15000pads/h~~~Hig:24000pads/h
Cutting area 680mm*680mm
Cutting thickness 0.02mm~0.5mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.002mm
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.002mm
Efficiency 100W
Operation software SuperCut-AL
Machine size 1500mm(L)*1600mm(W)*1500mm(H)
Maximum size of clamping net frame 780mm*1500mm*40mm
Maximum clamping steel sheet size 820mm*700mm
Max length of cutting stencil 1500MM
Focused spot diameter 20±5um
Laser source FibeLaser
Beam quality M2<1.1
Laser Wavelength 1090nm
Ambient temperature 20±2℃
Ambient humidity <60%
Soft-hard wares Include one set of PC and CAM software
Compatible file Gerber,DXF
Power Single phase 220V/3KW,50/60HZ.10A
Auxiliary gas Industrial Oxygen-Compressed Air
Air press 8~12bar
Machine body marble
Machine weight 3000KG