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Stencil Laser Cutting Machine-Stencil Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporters on hk-yush.com Laser Cutting Machines

Sheet Metal Stencil Laser Depaneling Machine / SMT Cutting Equipment,Sheet Metal Stencil Laser Depaneling Machine / SMT Cutting Equipment direct from YUSH Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. in China-YS-SL6060 

1680*1500*1630mm300mm/S 1200KG 10w laser cutter Sheet metal stencil laser depaneling machine SMT cutting equipment


1.Unique waste collection structure

Based on the new structure design, YSV-6060 uses innovative waste and smoke collection system, which completely frees customers from "equipment stabilization killers" such as chips, slag, iron dust and so on. It greatly improves the service life and stability of the equipment.


2.High Power Fiber Laser

YSV-6060 is a semiconductor-pumped solid-state high-power fiber laser with advanced technology. Increasing the cutting efficiency also greatly increases the types of Machinable products. It is easy to deal with both ordinary metal sheets and precise parts with a certain thickness.


3.Provide users with specialized process solutions

Professional fixture design, can adapt to a variety of sizes, shapes of materials, so that every minute of production belongs to laser cutting. This is not only a device, but also a set of equipment process system that can optimize the user's process and give full play to the maximum value of the equipment.

Equipment description.

1. Machine Name :High-speed laser sheet metal cutting machines .

2. Model: YSV-6060 .

3. Applications : SMT templates, precision metal parts.

4. Equipment Properties :

Machine color creamy-white
Total Weight About 1500KG .
physical dimension L1680*W1500*H1630mm
Platform Granite base, with high stability and reliability.
Total power Rated :2KW. Peak 6KW.


Power system requirements

Provide the regulator (AC 220V and single-phase 10KVA), in order to ensure to the power supply voltage fluctuations device does not exceed ± 5%.
Grounding Requirements Provide independent and stable ground without loopholes interference. Ground line is: 6MM²


Environmental requirements

Offer supply of pure oxygen, the non-oil and gas and water vapor mixed, to avoid damaging optics. Ensure that equipment using ambient room temperature 24-26 ℃, and relative humidity below 60 ° indoor use. Clean environment. 

5. Technical specifications.

Platform positioning accuracy



Platform Repeatability ±1.5μm
Platform velocity ≤300mm/S
Location detection sub variability



Cutting range X 600mm * Y 600MM
Table size X 620mm * Y 620MM
Cutting thickness ≤0.5mm (reference value)
Focus diameter 25-30μm


Best Cutting Effectiveness

Up to 9400 Synthetic Aperture / hr, 13000-14000 standard aperture / hour (with a diameter of 0.3mm standard round date). Scope is 0.15mm less steel).

 6. Configuration Specification.

Laser light source Specifications
Laser Power 50W
Wavelength 1070 mm
Laser Weight About 20KG
Beam delivery system
Dust-proof Dust Cover
Control and drive systems
Control PC-BASE CNC AC Servo Control
Drive Linear motor drive
Guide Precision linear guide rails
CCD module CCD fill holes focus, coaxial CCD light function.
Dust Collect waste and zero-emission.
Blowing Coaxial blow assist gas.
Fixture Pneumatic clamping

7.Software system .

Software system YUSH Mark
Language Chinese/ English



Windows XP
File format DXF ,CNC



Cutting time, cutting the number of holes, the auxiliary gas, cutting  state.



Software Features

1. CNC support directly open documents, DXF file, Gerber file and drawing were selected, rotate, mirror and other operations.

2. Support the establishment of different cutting parameters for different databases steel thickness stee

3. Support for documents path optimization.

4. supports automatic cutting member cutting case records to the query.