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Manual v-cut machine ,pcb v groove machine-YSV-4A 480


v cut scoring machine for pcb made v-cut line

Manual v-cut machine ,pcb v groove machine ,v cut scoring machine

1. Cutting Width : 1) Longitudinal 70mm ; 2) Wide : 380mm;

2. Thickness : 0.6~2.5 mm;

3. Speed : 12mm / min ;

4. Total Blades : Upper 10pcs ,Down 10pcs;

Operation Rules :

1. V-CUT Aluminum base plate conveying shaft transmission speed adjustment is 20-30 , The thicker the slow speed transfer plate ,plate thinner speed can be adjustable speed ,Under normal circumstances , 1.6 of the plate thickness to about 25 speed ;

2. V-CUT aluminum base plate conveying speed of cutter knife shaft speed . V-CUT ordinary plate can slow speed .

3. V-CUT knife not ordinary plate for v-cut aluminum plate .aluminum plate with v-cut knife flash can also be used for ordinary v-cut plate .

4. V-CUT aluminum plate must be used when cooling water ot orcohol cannot participate in cooling water.

YSV-4A 480 Alum v-cut machine

Model No.: YSV-4A 480

Cutting width: 75mm wide vertical 480MM

Thickness: 0.8-3.2 mm

Cardboard each time V≥10 pit (up and down the 10 knives)

Aluminum plate each time V≥ 5 pit (up and down the four knives)

Fiberboard each time V≥ 8 pit (up and down the eight knives)

Speed: 8 m / min.

Spindle Motor: 3KW inverter 3.7KW plastic shaft motor 120W crate motor 60W closed

Mechanical dimensions: 1200 mm x 980 mm x 1400 mm (W x D x H)

Weight: 185KG

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