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◆ Features
    6-axis to 12 axis motion control system, with good functional scalability.
    A simple programming environment, offset settings, Matrix call, repeat track function.
    Smart camera positioning.
    Work video sync detection, matching function (optional).
    Dispensing traffic monitoring.
    can be any three-dimensional trajectory.
    ergonomic teach pendant hanging arm, easy to operate.
    By choosing accessories or other devices, enhanced features simple.
    Common UV glue, red glue, AB glue, EPOXY, COB vinyl, instant glue, solder paste, conductive adhesive, etc. can be used in STA3 series devices.
◆ Applications
    Semiconductor Packaging
    Automotive and Parts
    Microelectronics and Semiconductor
    Optical Products
    Consumer Electronics
    Motor Industry
◆ Optional accessories - Other Enhancements
    dispenser controller (refer pages dispenser controller selection)
    dispensing valves (refer pages dispensing valve selection)
    Push dispensing system (refer to pages push dispensing system selection)
    Automatic needle (optional function reference pages for selection)
    workpiece height automatic compensation function (optional function reference pages for selection)
    Dispensing traffic monitoring function (optional function reference pages for selection)

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