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6-axis CCD vision screw machine YS-6220

Product Details:

Z floor type 6 axis CCD vision automatic lock screw machine

This product uses 6 axis vision positioning automatic locking screw machine. The automatic lock screw machine is composed of an automatic feeding screw system, a CCD positioning system, a float-locked laser height measurement, and a three-dimensional fully automatic manipulator. The lock screw line is controlled by a robot hand and automatically sends a suction screw system to work together with a screw to slip. Leakage, no screws, floating locks and other tests. The complete set of equipment is fully automated. This machine can complete the workload of 2-4 people at the same time. It only requires one person to operate.
  When replacing different types of products, just replace the corresponding tooling pallet and use the handle screen to call up the corresponding program. The machine can modify the coordinates by itself. It is very simple and it can save a lot in the era of rapid product replacement. Investment in fixed assets.


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