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After four-axis closed-loop stepping, constant control system, etc., combined with Samsung belt, THK slide rails, etc. to achieve repeated accurate positioning.

Whether the screw lock is OK or not, the detection signal consists of the following parts:

1. Electric batch torque signal detection (electric batch is automatic electric batch, there is torque feedback signal to the machine, after the machine senses the torque is in place, the feedback signal is normal, otherwise the alarm stops.)

2. Time setting (such as setting the screw lock paying time to 0.3 seconds during programming, when the actual lock is paid, the lock paying time will exceed the set time.

3, float lock time (programming a number, such as 0.03, when the screw lock time is less than this 0.03 stop, the machine will default to the float lock, because the machine does not receive the feedback signal of the torque, did not reach the set Screw locks pay time.

Feeder features:

The feeder's track size is adjustable, it can adapt to M1-M5 screws, the disc needs to be customized, and the screw length can be used for screws within 20mm.

The main function of automatic screw lock machine:

1. With intelligent detection function, it can detect leak lock, floating lock, sliding teeth and so on.

2. Flexibility, standard universal fixture is suitable for screw locks of various models.

3. The versatility is strong, and the screw transfer module can be adapted to the screw lock of M1.4-M5.

4. The device has a small shape, which can be easily placed in the production line, and is equipped with a pre-release function.

5. Double Y-axis design and alternate operation to maximize production efficiency

Product Usage:

Suitable for screw locks for all types of consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, toys, cordless phones, calculators, navigators, stereos, cameras, laptops, tablets, learning machines, small appliances and other products.

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