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Product specifications:
Maximum board area: 400 * 200 mm
Number of mounting heads: 4
Maximum movement range of the Z axis: 20 mm
Maximum installation rate: 9,500 PCS / hour
Average installation rate: 8,000 PCS / hour
Positioning accuracy: 0.01 mm
Nozzle buffer range: 4.5 mm
Power supply: 220V / 110V, 50Hz
Compressed air: 0.6-0.7 Mpa
Average power: 400 watts
Recognition mode: four-head synchronous recognition
Number of cameras: one Mark camera, four high speed cameras, one HD camera
Product weight: 210KG
PCB access mode: automatic left and right access, support left and right device connection function
Number of trays: Supports up to 48 non-feeder feed assemblies, each of which can be assigned its coordinates within the installation range.
Complex mounting resistance and chip speed: 6000 / h
Installation accuracy range: 0201-40 * 40mm, pin pitch 0.3mm
Chip (supports the matching of electric feeders can be installed 0402, 0201)
Number of feeders: 50 PCS
Repair motor: Panasonic servo motor
Guide rail: Taiwan TBI linear guide
Drive method: Taiwan TBI ball screw
Nozzle vacuum source: Japan CKD high speed switch vacuum generator, vacuum damage
The minimum air volume of the pump: 80-120 liters / minute, the volume is greater than 60 liters
Gas quality requirements: oil-water separation device, dust removal filter device, air pressure stabilization device
Dimensions: 900 × 1140 × 900 mm

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