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Set free spray area, the selectable automatic optimization of the spray path, X, Y two-way linkage point spray, full spray switch freely selectable flow closed-loop control; 
Programmatically flexible, flux maximum savings of 70%; 
Free combination of preheating module, optionally preheated hot air and infrared; 
The maximum capacity of the entire rail transport 60KG, to meet the demanding production needs; 
Dross oxidized low volume, a new peak vents designed furnace with automatic lifting function. 

Model: YS450 

Dimensions (L x W x H): 4350x1620x1710mm 
Preheat mode: micro hot air / IR 
Number of preheating zone: 3 
Tin furnace heating time: About.180MIN (Set: 250 ℃) 
Furnace temperature control mode: PID + SSR Mode 
PCB width (L x W): 60 ~ 450mm 
PCB component height (mm): Top: 120mm; Bottom: 25mm 
Cooling: Forced air
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