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SMT Solder Paste Screen Printer Machine for Solder Paste Screen Printing Machine Specification Parameters: Full-auto Solder Paste Printer Features:

1..Scraper system

*Arch bridge hanging straight with scraper

*Programmable suspension self-adjusting stepper motor drive print head.

*Bilateral double-slider four-wheel-type structure to ensure that the scratch before and after the operation of the accuracy and smoothness.

*Designed for the different requirements of the front and rear scraper pressure and the stability of the lift, to prevent the solder paste leakage and the blade has a certain flexibility of the clamping design, scraper pressure, lifting speed, printing speed,printing range are software adjustable to provide customers with a variety of stripping methods to meet the different requirements of the PCB board, to provide customers with a good printing control platform.

*slide-type scraper system to improve operational stability and extend the services life;Fully closed ring scraper pressure feedback device, always monitor the size of the squeegee pressure,making the tin more full.


2.Steel mesh positioning system

*Size steel mesh universal,with good and wide applicability

*Using imported SMC cylinder as a steel mesh cylinder


3.Image and optical system

*X, Y-axis with a high degree of Japan Koda grinding screw, both ends of the Japaneses Mastushita motor drive

*The internal increase in polarizer, automatic and accurate grasp of different types of MARK points.

Up,down and coadal three-way light source

*Using the Japanese Toshiba industrial camera


4.PCB transport and positioning system

*Into the board direction of any choice, can be freely combined

*Special craft of the inner gear conveyor belt to prevent the card board

*Programmable transport speed control makes boarding more accurate

*The use of the clip and vacuum suction chamber, effective clamping PCB ensure that the PCB and steel mesh between the full smooth contact.


5.Cleaning system

*Spray type cleaning

*Dry, wet, vacuum-free combination

*Separate cleaning structures

*Circular cleaning rubber strip

*Cleaning fluid, and steel net cleaning paper amount controlled


6.Platform correction system

*UVW platform structure, high precision, large rigidity and compact structure

*Triaxial linkage, small volume, high precision

7.Base and rack system

*Solid forming

*Panasonic motor plus Japan original plant high precision ground wire rod

*High rigidity, high stability of left and right symmetrical frame structure


8.Electric circuit system

*Safe and concise circuit gas circuit layout

*The circuit gas road erect the two sides and the rear of the machine, the maintenance is convenient.

9.The operating system

*Easy to learn easy to use friendly operation interface, with good man-machine dialogue function

*The program file has teaching and navigation functions, and every step has a hint

*Switch between Chinese and English

*It has operation log, fault recording analysis and diagnosis

*Other functional options

*Automatic point glue function

*Automatic scanning function

*Automatic add tin function

*The whole line closed loop control

*Constant temperature and humidity function

*Steel mesh plugging function

*Other functions can be customized according to customer's actual demand.

Product Details

SMT Solder Paste Screen Printer Machine for Solder Paste Screen Printing  Machine Specification Parameters:




Min Size


Max Size




PCB Min Size


PCB Max Size 


PCB Thickness


PCB Warpage


Transport Height


Transport Direction


Transport Speed

Max 1500mm/S Programmable

Support System 

Magnetic Pin/Up-down table adjusted/supportblock 

Clamping System 

 Elastic side clip / Z direction sheet

Squeegee Speed 


Squeegee Pressure

0~15Kg Pressure control

Squeegee Angle 


Squeegee Type 

Stainless steel(Standard), plastic 

Stencil Separation   Speed 

0.1~20mm/sec Programmable

Cleaning System 

Dry、Wet、Vacuum  (Programmable)

Table Adjustment ranges 



Repeat Position Accuracy 


Printing Accuracy 


Cycle Time 

<15s (Exclude Printing & Cleaning)

Product Changeover 


Air Required 


Power Input 

AC:220±10%,50/60HZ 1Φ 3KW

Control Method 

PC   Control

Machine Dimensions 


Machine Weight 


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