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1.Introduction of automatic screw fastening machine

1. versatility. Small size, can work with the production line, the product easy to replace. 

2. Flexibility: can be selected according to the number of electrical batch of products, such as installed four electric screwdriver while lock pay four screws, one machine can simultaneously lock pay several products. Z-axis batch number can be customized according to customer requirements.  

3. reduce labor intensity, the traditional manual placement and alignment of the screw head of the screw would take a lot of work time and effort. 

4. the high degree of automation. Simple, staff rapidly and master the operation and commissioning, a worker can manage several machines, saving labor. 

5. torque precision, easy to adjust, to ensure the quality of the lock. 

6. screw shaped filter, using the turbine materials, low noise, small surface damage on the screw, to feed straight vibrator fast and stable, straight vibrator on automatically filter shaped screws, linear transducer to ensure that the material feed to the front end of the sub-feeder non-material anomalies, lack of material straight vibrating alarm automatically.


2.Parameters of automatic screw fastening machine

3.Features of automatic screw fastening machine

1, stability is not the material, in the lock pay process, complete a normal lock screws, automatic screw screws to send a batch of mouth, if the torque can not reach, do not send screws to batch mouth, will not occur due to repeated feed card screw phenomenon, even if due to poor screw cause the material, non-professionals can also solve the problem of feeding the card within a few seconds. 


2, clean, by omitting to take the hand screw action will not stain hands generated when screws take the product to generate secondary pollution and sweat stained hand screw it easier to rust. 


3, durable machines, key components are selected high-quality alloy steel through special heat treatment and various pneumatic and electrical components are selected original parts to ensure that millions of screws zero failures. 


4, intelligent production, production schedule to control in place, eliminating the need for hiring, training, automated production, establish a modern image production.

4.Details of automatic screw fastening machine

1. Teach pendant for easy debugging, operation and simple programming.

2. Hios/Kilew screwdriver, easy to change, convenient adjustment and high quality to ensure screwing accuracy.

3. Suction feeder, high efficiency and low fault.

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