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With six simultaneous pick heads, it is designed for ease of use, efficiency, cost effectiveness and enhanced scalability and compatibility. Use a new high-efficiency linear servo motor to reduce and strengthen the head unit and check the placement speed of 14,000 CPH.


1. Integrated flying vision system


2. Panasonic Servo driven, position feedback from 2 micron linear scales coupled with a precision placement head


3. 6 Simultaneous pick-up head


4. Placement rates up to 14,000 cph


5. The GUI (graphical user interface) in its class using Windows®-based software allows programming in minutes


6. Accurately place, manager, and track components with smart feeders


7. Up to 64 (all in 8mm)tape feeders


8. Accurately places a wide range of components including 0402, LED, BGA,0.4mm pitch QFP,SMT Connectors and many others


9. Support cut tape, loose, tube, or tray feeders

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