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Highly flexible PCB mounter SMT production line, 5 cameras and railroad,

product description:
With 4 mounting heads, you can pick up 4 materials and pass them through the same vision.
There are 5 CCD cameras. Four upward looking cameras correspond to four nozzles for correcting angular misalignment and positional deviation. A downward looking camera for detecting board placement. The EX axis is designed to lay the board. During the installation process, the ex axis moves and the drive board moves to minimize the installation distance.
1 can be installed 1.2m PCB. The rail slider and belt structure design makes the performance more stable and the operation is more stable. High-pressure quantitative motor design, automatic detection and loss of step correction.

The software is developed by us. The software is available in English. Our software will be updated and once updated, the salesperson will send the new software to your email address.

The machine has a one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance. We have a professional after-sales team. As long as there is a problem with the machine within one year after purchase, we will repair it for free.
Partial list:
1) Pick and place machine QL41:1 set
2) 3 kinds of nozzles: 6 in total (503 type-2, 504 type-2, 505 type-2)
3) Power cord: 1
4) Grease: 1PC
5) M5 hex screwdriver: 1 set
6) M4 hex screwdriver: 1 set
7) Computer screen: 1pc
8) Display bracket: 1 set
9) Mouse: 1pc
10) Keyboard: 1pc
11) Keyboard drag: 1 group
12) Screw: a few
13) Handle: 1
14) User Manual: 1pc
15) Magnet: 5
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