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Working conditions: 10-60 ° C, 40%-95% heating time: 1-99.9s
Depression (Pa): 0.45-0.70Mpa welding pressure: 1-10KG
Thermode: Custom color: silver grey
PCB precision welding robot with robot welding machine,  detailed description:

1. Multi-axis robots, all using precision stepper motor drive and advanced motion control algorithms to effectively improve

End of activity (prompt) positioning accuracy and repeatability (automatic homing without cumulative error),

Realize accurate positioning of arbitrary welding in 3D space

2. The robot adopts embedded industrial computer control and can choose single point/single/cycle welding operation.

3. Simple and convenient programming method, you can directly enter the coordinate joint, you can teach re-existing welding

Joint position coordinates. Teaching programming is simple and there is no mechanical preparation area

Professional manual programs allow beginners to quickly master the essentials. Simple teaching can guide

At the end (tip) movement to any position in the 3D space, the operator has no special skills and

Professional requirements to achieve human body editing operations.

4. Various welding methods, support spot welding and drag welding, all parameters are set by the user.

Meet the requirements of difficult welding and micro welding. Read and save all welding parameters

Flexible welding with joint coordinates

5. Welding set at any angle and direction, R-axis control welding kit, 360 degree rotation

Degree of freedom. Set the feed time, warm-up time and weld time according to different gaskets and parts.

Complex welding through a variety of solder joints

6. Real-time peripherals via 1/0 USB with error alarms and high-speed motion program functions.

The intelligent master program is automated and intelligent.

PCB precision welding robot with robot welding machine Features:

1. The heating rate of different products is adjustable;
2. Titanium alloy long-life hot electrode, uniform temperature, fast heating;
3. Designed as a horizontally adjusted thermocouple to ensure uniform compression of components;
4. CNC temperature, clear and accurate;
5. With digital meter, preset pressure range;
6. Precise PID control, phasc angle drive;
7. The vibration is small, the noise is small, and the voltage does not fluctuate;

8. The welding head is made of molybdenum alloy with good heat transfer coefficient and wear resistance.

PCB Precision Welding Robot with Robot Welding Machine Specifications:

Size: 915mmX600mmX880mm
Operating Condition: 10-60℃, 40%-95%
Working size: X=580mm, Y1=280mm, Y2=280mm, Z=80mm
Welding Pressure: 1-10KG
Power: AC220V±10% 50HZ 2300W
Max speed: X/Y=600mm/s; Z=400mm/S
Repeat precision: ±0.02mm (X, Y, Z)
Depression(Pa): 0.45-0.70Mpa
Heating time: 1-99.9s
Memory storge: 256MB(1000 files)
Soldering iron: 150W+150W


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