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YS-TFT-331 Automatic 3 Axis Glue Dispenser

1.Working area:300*300*100mm
2.Moving speed:X/Y 500mm/sec,Z 400mm/sec
3.Mahcine size:537*560*820mm

1. Desktop design of three-axis dispensing machine, occupying less space, is suitable for batch assembly and distribution operation.

2. Extremely high speed 400 mm/s, high durability.

3. The dispenser will not produce offset through its unique driving circuit.

4. The dispenser gives priority to the technical strength of the manufacturer in order to achieve the accuracy of application.

5. High-quality straightness, fashionable high-definition tracking.

6. The corner R shape also has no liquid residue and skew, so it achieves beautiful drawing.

7. The working range is from 100 mm to 500 mm, and different journeys are selected according to the situation of the working site.

8. Dispensing program files can be uploaded/downloaded through U-disk to facilitate data management and storage.

9. The operation interface of dispensing machine is simple and convenient, easy to learn and use.

10. The machine tool is processed by CNC to ensure the verticality of XYZ and improve the processing accuracy of the equipment.

Hot Melt Adhesive Machine Product Advantages:
1. The structure of die-cast aluminium profile is beautiful in appearance and strong in consistency.
2. Machinery parts are processed by CNC CNC to ensure the accuracy and consistency of parts.
3. Standard assembly process, 100% strict machine calibration standards to ensure the accuracy of the machine;
4. High-standard core components of dispensing machine, stable and reliable quality, durable: Japanese Xinrong stepping motor, Italian imported synchronous belt, Taiwan silver linear guide;
5. When the glue of dispensing machine runs at high speed, it is smooth and noisy.
6. The special assembl process of synchronous pulley and motor, combined with the synchronous belt of Japanese new technology, completely solved the tension and loosening of synchronous belt after long-term use.
7. In modular assembly process, each key component and key position can be disassembled separately, and accidentally damaged parts can be replaced quickly.
8. Automation equiment of dispensing machine adopts imported brand fold-proof shielded cable, which makes the operation of the machine more worry-free and basically eliminates the hidden danger of dotted lines and lack of equal.

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